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For nearly three decades Sonic Air Systems has been designing and manufacturing centrifugal blowers for every industry. Sonic centrifugal blowers are in service for a variety of applications in air or gas boosting as well as air knife drying and liquid blow off, air knife air rinsing, air knife dust blow off, hot air knife coating drying and cold air knife product cooling.

Please review Sonic Air Blowers broad performance range Blower Selection Chart

QualityNSF ISO 9001

Sonic Air is an ISO 9001 certified blower and air knife design, engineering and manufacturing company.

Sonic customers in over 40 countries know that they can rely on our NSF certification as our commitment to continuous improvement on all aspects of Sonic's engineering, manufacturing, sales and service.

Performance range of 100 to 3500 CFM (3 to 100 M3/min), +1.0 to +4.2 PSI (6.9 to 29kPa) pressure and -1.5 to -7.4"Hg (-38 to -188 mmHg) vacuum
Three types of Sonic centrifugal blowers (single stage, dual parallel and two stage)
Seven distinct blower models (70, 85, 100, 150, 200, 300 & 350) ensure precise sizing for each application
Twenty standard drive motors (3 to 50Hp/2.2 to 37.5kW) (NEMA & IEC) and Πmarked with both belt drive and direct drive blower/motor packages
Two Hundred blower options include purpose built accessories and other add on products
Custom drive options include hydraulic, engine and PTO packages available
Precision spindle bearings permanently grease lubricated bearings and auto tension belt drives (models 70-300) ensure continuous duty
Gas tight shaft seals deliver integrity for any air or gas application (specifically moisture and particulates)
Patented Sonic Hot Air Blowers (without heaters) produce blower air discharge temperatures up to 275F (135°C)
Water jacketed bearing housings available for Sonic blowers designed to handle 125F to 400F (51°C to 204°C) air or gas streams
Application engineering and CAD integration for any system
Field serviceable Bearing Spindle Assembly replacement with almost no down time?
Best in class product warranty
5 day lead times for standard Sonic blowers and air knife systems with most custom products at 20 days
Worldwide network of technical Sonic sales agents provides on-site support and factory trained guidance

Sonic Single Stage Air Blowers -Belt Driven

Sonic 70
Centrifugal Air Blower
Sonic 70 Centrifugal Air Blower
Sonic 85
Centrifugal Air Blower
Sonic 85 Centrifugal Air Blower
Sonic 100
Centrifugal Air Blower
Sonic 100 Centrifugal Air Blower
Sonic 150
Centrifugal Air Blower
Sonic 150 Centrifugal Air Blower

Dual Parallel Air Blowers - Belt Driven

Sonic 200
Centrifugal Air Blower
Sonic 200 Centrifugal Air Blower
Sonic 300
Centrifugal Air Blower
Sonic 300 Centrifugal Blower
   Standard Features:   Options:  
 • Field Serviceable Bearing Spindle Assembly  • High inlet temperature (400 F) • Hydraulic, pneumatic motors & PTO
 • Auto Belt Tensioner  • Thermocouple for PLC monitoring • Welded flange inlet and outlet
 • Adaptable to IEC & NEMA motors • Wash down, explosion proof,   • Hard anodize & special materials
 • CE registered designs   chemical duty motors • Variable Outlet Temperature Control
 • Small size and footprint

Two Stage Air Blower - Belt Driven

Sonic 350
Centrifugal Air Blower
Sonic 350 Centrifugal Air Blower

Direct Drive Air Blowers

Sonic Direct Drive 10- 15 HP
Centrifugal Air Blower
Sonic Direct Drive Centrifugal Air Blower

More Details

 • Primarily for blower air inside cleanrooms where drive belts are not allowed and compact size is critical

 • Complete with VFD controller operating at 70Hz to 330Hz output to meet a wide range of CFM and pressure

 • Single stage blower impeller mounted directly to high speed VAC motor shaft

 • Direct replacement for many other direct drive blower models

Sonic 350 Direct Drive
Centrifugal Air Blower
Sonic 350 Direct Drive Centrifugal Air Blower

More Details

 • Direct coupled blower to standard VAC motor provides extended continuous duty between 12-18 months service intervals

 • Available with 70Hz output VFD to match CFM and pressure to be optimized for each application

 • Two-stage blower assembly and drive motor mount to a heavy duty steel frame with precision shaft alignment

Sonic Centrifugal Air Blower Options

Water-Cooled For
125°F to 400°F
Air & Gas
Sonic Water-Cooled Centrifugal Air Blower
Hard Anodized &
Special Materials
For Caustic Environments
Sonic Hard Anodized Centrifugal Air Blower
Welded Flanges
For Gas
Sonic Welded Flange Centrifugal Air Blower
Hydraulic Driven
Single & Dual Blowers
Sonic Centrifugal Air Blower with Hydraulic Motor
Explosion Proof
Blowers & Controls
Sonic Centrifugal Air Blower Explosion Proof
Extreme Inlet
Temperatures to -20°F
Sonic Centrifugal Air Blower in Extreme Conditions
Heavy Duty- Harsh
Operating Environment
Sonic Centrifugal Air Blower with Heavy Duty
Custom Blower Drives
Sonic Custom Centrifugal Air Blower

Sonic Centrifugal Air Blower Accessory Items

Blower Enclosure
Sonic Centrifugal Air Blower Enclosure
Sonic Blower
Sonic Centrifugal Air Blower Inlet Filter
Sonic Check Valve
Sonic Check Valve
Sonic Y-Verter™
Air Diverters
Sonic Y-verter
Sonic Manifolds, Plumbing and Hose Accessories
Sonic Blower Explosion Proof

Although the majority of Sonic blowers serve as the high velocity air force behind Sonic's nearly 100 different types of Sonic air knives and Sonic air knife systems, all Sonic blower/motor assemblies are designed and built to handle the realities of whatever environment they must operate in. Sonic's robust blower capabilities come from decades of blower design enhancements to suit some of the most extreme blower applications for which Sonic is in use today.

Sonic Air Blowers are in use for some of the most demanding air & gas applications:

Sonic Concrete Vacuum Blower Vacuum for concrete grinders on mobile surfacing machines

Sonic Boom Inflation Blower Inflating oil spill containment booms on ship mounted deployment systems

Sonic Vacuum Furnance Cooling Blower Circulating +400F (204°C) N2 for closed loop cooling in vacuum furnaces

Sonic Vapor Boosting Blower Boosting hydrocarbon vapors gasoline vapors

Sonic Flash Freeze Pump Blower Pumping -20F (-28°C) air from inside flash freezers

To help Sonic select the proper blower for your application, please click on the Blower Selection Chart or complete a centrifugal blower online quote guide.



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