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Sonic Air Systems services all sectors of the manufacturing industry worldwide, providing Engineered Blower & Air Knife Solutions. We manufacture an entire range of blowers, air knives, enclosures, HEPA filters and other accessories used in drying/liquid blow-off, cooling, coating control, static control and a wide array of applications in air/gas handling. Sonic Air is your engineering resource and one-stop shop. Since our founding in 1990 we have provided tens of thousands systems and solutions to thousands of customers around the world.

This extensive customer base invariably requires service and technical support. In the last decade Sonic Air Systems, headquartered in Southern California, USA has established an extensive international sales and technical support network. Sonic has built the infrastructure to support not only our customers, but also our customer’s customers – especially original equipment manufacturers. When an OEM integrates Sonic Centrifugal blowers into their systems they are secure in the knowledge that a Sonic distributor is close by in many parts of the world to provide service, and lend technical assistance in the local language. Far from being only equipment providers, our reps and distributors are also there to assist with process improvements and new applications and challenges.

What sets us apart
In the last decade Sonic Air Systems has grown to gain recognition as one of the 500 fastest growing companies in America. This was achieved by building a loyal customer base with an emphasis on:

  • Guaranteed results on any system quoted by Sonic
  We work closely with you to determine your exact requirements. We make   your Sonic system work or we take it back.
• Shortest order fulfillment time in the industry
  Not surprisingly, when our customers discover what we have to offer, they   want it now. Our expertise in supply chain management enables us to offer   5 day lead times on systems comprising standard Sonic equipment. 
• Product innovation
  Sonic developed the first automatic belt tensioning system for a centrifugal   blower (patent pending) and the first modular, infinitely adjustable high   efficiency air knife.




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