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Engineered Air Knife and Centrifugal Blower Solutions

Sonic Air Systems designs and manufactures air knife systems and centrifugal industrial blowers for all sectors of manufacturing. With an international sales and tech support network and 5 day standard lead times -unless you need it sooner- we are ready to provide you with an Engineered Centrifugal Blower or Air Knife Solution anywhere at any time.

If you would like Sonic to evaluate your application, you can complete an application evaluation guide
online or contact us for our engineers to discuss your requirements. Every system we quote comes with a performance guarantee.

Air Knife Systems
14X Energy savings vs. Compressed air
For product sizes from 1" to 100" (25.4 to 2540.0mm)
For product speeds from 1 to 5000 FPM (0.3 to 1,524 mpm)
Air cleanliness of 10, 0.3 or 0.1 micron
Aluminum or stainless air knives
Most systems shipped in 5 days or less

Sonic Centrifugal Blowers
100 to 3500 CFM (2.8 to 99 CMM)
0.5 to 4.2 PSIG
Vacuums to 8" Hg
Temps to 400°F(204°C)
3 to 50 hp(2.2 to 37.5kW)NEMA & IEC motors

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