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  Sonic Air Systems manufactures a wide array of air knife designs for drying, liquid blow-off, debris blow-off, static control, coating control and coating drying. Used in conjunction with Sonic Centrifugal Blowers and other system components, Sonic will engineer the entire system based on your requirements. Please complete an online application questionnaire and we will provide you with a quote and guaranteed results

Sonic XE Air Knives - Aluminum and stainless steel

Sonic XE Air Knife

The Sonic XE Air Knife is available in hard anodized aluminum and stainless steel. Lengths are available from 2” to 192” and the slot width is infinitely adjustable for design efficiency optimization. Multiple inlet configurations are available to accommodate space constraints and modular mounting brackets are optional to mount to any conveyor.

 For a quote on a guaranteed system, click here to complete an Online Application Questionnaire

Sonic Rotary Air Knife (Patent Pending) drying engine blocks

Sonic Rotary Air Knife (PATENT PENDING)

The Sonic Rotary Air Knife (PATENT PENDING) was designed for the drying of complex parts. The air knife slot is at an angle of 15 degrees to the axis of rotation, thereby delivering high velocity air at a constantly changing direction with respect to the part being dried. This means that the leading , trailing edge and sides of a part can be effectively dried.

For a quote on a guaranteed system, click here to complete an Online Application Questionnaire

Sonic Sanitary Air Knife with quick disconnect Tri-Clamp fittings

Sonic Sanitary Air Knife

The Sonic Sanitary Air Knife is designed for direct blow-off-air to food contact and meets 3A Standards for clean-ability. Designed with Tri-Clamp fittings, the air knife can be quickly disassembled for periodic sanitization.

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Of the many applications for Sonic XE Air Knives, the most common by far is the replacement of compressed air for drying or blow-off. Although ideally suited for many factory uses, it is becoming universally accepted that the most inefficient process for which compressed air can be applied is blow-off nozzles and air knives. Even specially designed air knives for use with compressed air are consume significantly more energy than a Sonic Air Knife system.

Compressed air air knives are inexpensive and quick to install to an existing air compressor - but the benefits end there. The total cost of ownership, especially in terms of electrical energy consumption, is astronomically high.

A Sonic Air Knife system using a Sonic Centrifugal Blower can save up to 14 times in energy costs. Please contact us and we will perform an energy savings calculation for you to determine your potential ROI. Alternatively you can complete an online Application Questionnaire and Sonic or one of our reps / distributors will provide you with a quote and a performance guarantee.



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