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Sonic’s Engineered Air Knife Systems are providing alternatives for a host of maintenance intensive methods, needed for continuous coating control, that have been used throughout industry for decades. With our precise, fully adjustable, non-contact, Sonic Air Knife Systems, manufacturers are achieving optimum coating thickness and at higher speeds than ever before for conveyor widths of 1” to 192” (2.5 cm to 487 cm) and almost any coating liquid viscosity.

Eliminating squeegee rolls and scraper blades are the most common application for Sonic. You will no longer have the maintenance costs associated with cleaning, adjusting and/or replacing the rollers and scrapers. A significant benefit is that a Sonic Air Knife System delivers clean, dry, oil/dirt free air at higher than ambient temperatures to further improve the coated product and accelerate the coating drying process as well.

Replace compressed air or other low efficiency blowers connected to air knife designs that are not ideally suited for effective coating control applications and simply cost far too much to operate. A typical 48” wide (122 cm) coated product could require up to 40 hp(30kW) of compressed air to do what a Sonic 10 hp (7.5kW) blower will do. Compressed air also has high costs associated with the after coolers, dryers and extra filtration.
Sonic guarantees the air knife system we design for your coating control process will deliver the exact coating thickness, at the speed you want to operate.

Please complete an online application guide so we can evaluate your blow-off / static control requirements or contact us so our engineers can discuss your requirements.



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