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Sonic provides Engineered Blower Solutions for:

Hydrocarbon Vapors
Scanner Air
Hazardous Gas
Filter Belts
Corrosive Gas
Digester Gas
Oil Spill Containment
Combustion Air
The need for movement and control of air and gas in petrochemical plants creates unique challenges to all blower manufacturers. Because Sonic doesn't just sell blowers, but rather Sonic Engineers Blower Solutions, we analyze each application to ensure that we understand all of the conditions and variables so that the blower successfully integrates to the plant environment and operates at all extremes of your stated parameters. With a wide assortment of blower options Sonic can handle almost any gas composition at temperatures up to 400F, and with electric, hydraulic, pneumatic and PTO drives, we can operate virtually anywhere.
Engineered Blower & Air Knife Solutions for drying/blow-off, debris blow-off/static control, coating control
and air & gas handling.



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