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Sonic Air Systems, the most innovative centrifugal blower and air knife system manufacturer, has been recognized by dozens of industry leading publications. Our patented centrifugal blower designs and patented air knife technologies are featured in some articles, while Sonic's air knife application engineering is highlighted in others. All of these publications demonstrate why Sonic Air Systems is regarded as the air knife drying experts for over two decades.

Check below for magazine articles and case studies featuring Sonic Air Systems industry leading air knives, blowers, and drying systems.

Case Study:
Sonic Air Knife: The OEM Preferred Choice

Case Study:
Sonic's Environmental Stewardship

Hot Air Knife System Contains Mercury Vapor

Case Study:
Sonic Air Knife System Drying Avocados

Case Study Drying 110 Bottles per minute
Crafting Bottle Dryers for Saint Arnold Brewery
As seen in The New Brewer Magazine

Case Study Drying Avocados Traveling 180 Feet Per Minute
Produce Line Savings, Saving One Label At A Time
As seen in Food Manufacturing Magazine
(Click here for article)

Case Study Drying 130 Bottles per minute
Bottling Line Savings Stick Like Glue at Brewery
As seen in Packaging World Magazine

Sonic VT Tank Drying System (Patented)
Sonic's 2nd Tour de France
As seen in Industries Pharma Magazine
(Click here for article)

 Sonic Air Systems' President and CEO Daniel VanderPyl wrote the chapter on DRYING in the Second Edition of "Handbook for CRITICAL CLEANING" - Chapter 34 - Drying
Book can be viewed in electronic format here at Google

Bottle/ Can Drying
Sonic's Tour de France
As seen in RiA Magazine
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Sonic Profile Drying
Saves $41,000 per Year
As seen in Window and Door Magazine
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Sonic's Mexico Success
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Air Washing Corks
As seen in Wine Business Monthly
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Wire Drying at 6,000 FPM
As Seen in Wire Technology Magazine
(Click here for article)
Drying 700 Bottles/Minute
As Seen in Packaging World Magazine
Rapid Tank & Blender Drying
As Seen in Powder Bulk Solids Magazine
Pre-Painting Parts Drying Options
As Seen in Finishing Today Magazine

Air Washing Medical Devices
As Seen in Controlled Environments Magazine

Sonic Rotary Air Knife Parts Drying

 Sonic Air Systems' President and CEO Daniel VanderPyl is a contributing author to "Handbook   for CRITICAL CLEANING" - Chapter 2.19 - Aqueous Parts Drying
Book can be viewed in electronic format here at Google

Cold Bottle Drying
As seen in the Canner & Filler

Wine Bottle Drying

Sleeve Label Drying

Wire Drying

Can Drying

Precision Drying

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