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The Sonic Mobile D-I-P® Blower is a quick connect multi-purpose portable system designed to support the air demands of today's craft beer brewing industry.

Sonic reduces the electricity costs by 75% versus compressed air blow off, which is always cold, sometimes wet and usually doesn't work very well either. The Sonic plug & play blower delivers high volumes of high velocity warm and dry air for the (7) most common applications in any brew house environment will have.

1) Air Knife Drying bottles & cans at 20 to 200 per minute before labeling, coding or packaging

2) Air rinsing cans & bottles before filling

3) Powerful hand held air nozzle drying for the exterior of pipes, tanks, floors and walls after CIP

4) Hand Air Nozzle drying of kegs after cleaning or rinsing

5) In as little as 15 minutes, dry ALL internal surfaces of tanks, valves, pumps and piping with Sonic's patented (heater-less)160°F air technology

6) Use the 160°F (71.1°C) air to completely dry internal surfaces of kegs after cleaning or rinsing

7) Blower air for conveying of hops/barley or flavors to tanks 



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