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The Sonic SMART (Sonic Modular AiR Tunnel) Air Knife Tunnels™ are available in a wide range of turn-key air knife drying systems for filled bottles or cans prior to inspection, coding, labeling or packaging at speeds of 100 to 1500 CPM. These systems are supplied with Sonic air blowers and Sonic blower enclosures and a complete line of Sonic SMART Tunnel™ options to suit each application and operating requirements. Please fill out the Sonic application questionnaire to receive your quote.

SMART Tunnel


Sonic's stainless steel blower enclosure is floor mounted separately from the SMART Air Knife Tunnel™ to provide customers with 100% flexibility in installation, location and easy access. The SMART Tunnel™ is a modular system, offering scalability with its bolt-on design allowing for additions or changes to the air knife configuration in order to accommodate future changes in a customer's product sizes or increases in production line speeds.

Sonic Blower Enclosure and SMART Tunnel™

Sonic Blower Enclosure and SMART Air Knife Tunnel™

Sonic Blower Enclosure and SMART Tunnel™

24"(609mm) Sonic SMART Tunnel™

Sonic SMART Tunnel™ Design Features:

Standard SS modules bolt together for 24", 48", 72" and 96" (120" max with <80 dbA option)
Easily expandable (length or sound dampening) for future products or higher line speeds
Standard sound reductions of 7-10 dbA and <80 dbA option available
Standard air knife brackets require minimal adjustment for a dedicated container size
Optional 3-axis air knife brackets with index markings allow quick and repeatable settings for consistent drying of a full range of container sizes
Sealed drip pan for complete water containment
Aerodynamic tunnel design prevents rewetting cans or bottles
Minimal walkway clearance required with easy lift off, light weight access panels
No hinges or latches to break or bind
Complete with piping and hose kits to Sonic blower
No conveyor drilling or modifications except side rail cut outs
Blower enclosure mounted remote from tunnel for easy installation and ground level blower/filter access
No hoist or cranes for Tunnel installation
Majority of the Tunnel installation can be done while the existing conveyor is running
Guaranteed Drying & Sound Reduction
Customized SMART Air Knife Tunnels™ for mass conveying or dry product blow off complete with vacuum dust collection

Air Rinse/Air Wash with Sonic SMART Air Knife Tunnel

Air Rinse/Air Wash with Sonic SMART Air Knife Tunnel™

Bottle Drying Sonic SMART Air Knife Tunnel

Bottle Drying with Sonic SMART Air Knife Tunnel™

Can Drying Sonic SMART Air Knife Tunnel

Can Drying with Sonic SMART Air Knife Tunnel™



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