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Since 1990, Sonic Air Systems is proud to have climbed to the top of the engineered air industry, offering the most complete in high performing products, customer service, and technical support to thousands of customers all over the world. Our engineered air products include industrial fans, air knives, and aeration system technology—all of which are fully customizable to suit the needs of every client we take on. The needs of today’s highly sophisticated manufacturing products have created an exponentially growing demand for engineered air system products that we have ridden all the way to the top of the industry.

One of the reasons that Sonic Air Systems products have become so popular is because we offer the most complete and efficient customization services on the engineered air market. Our top-notch team of engineering professionals need just five days to take an order, design, build to specs, and ship a complete engineered air system. This compares to weeks, even months, of lead-time required by many of our closest competitors, allowing our aeration systems to blow them away.

Aeration Systems For Engineered Air Applications
Our worldwide team of technical specialists work closely with our customers to solve any problems that might arise. At any rate, Sonic Air Systems guarantees that the engineered air system we provide will meet or exceed the designed level of performance. In the event the system does not achieve the designed performance, we will provide additional resources and equipment at no cost or refund 100% of the original purchase price.

So, if you are finding yourself in need of an aeration system, then you have come to the right place, for Sonic Air Systems has built a reputation as the most complete provider of engineered air products on the market. We have thousands of satisfied customers the world over, and are always eager to add to this long list. Contact us today and we can immediately get you on the path to better airflow.

Aeration System - Rotary Air Knife

Air Knives Use Engineered Air For Drying



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