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Ionized Air Rinsing of Cans, Bottles and Jars

The manufacturers of cans, bottles and jars usually perform a liquid cleaning/sanitizing process prior to shipping their finished empty containers to the food and beverage plants who will then fill them. As a quality control process, the food and beverage companies have in the past sent inverted containers through a water rinsing step after de-palletizing the to ensure no foreign material (dust, cardboard, etc.) has inadvertently entered the containers before the filling machines. Some of the higher speed filling lines, and others concerned about introducing water to their product, began using air rinsing with ionized compressed air nozzles as an acceptable alternative to water rinsing. Today the high operating cost of compressed air has made blower powered air rinsing the new standard

With water conservation driving the conversion from water rinsing and electric power conservation driving the development of compressed air alternatives, Sonic Air blower powered static neutralizing air rinsing systems are becoming commonplace. Now the questions are, even though most blower powered ionized air rinsing systems require 75% less electricity than compressed air rinsing, how much electric power should each application take, which system is easiest to integrate into each container de-palletizing line and what system design criteria should be followed for an appropriately designed air rinsing system?

Sonic ION-AIR Rinsing systems are tailored to each application and can be offered as just the Sonic air blower, HEPA filter and Sonic XE air knife with ionizing bar or as a complete Sonic turn-key system with air rinsing SMART Tunnel, blower, HEPA and exhaust blower with bag filters included. Just fill out the Sonic Ionized Air Rinsing/ Air Washing Application Questionnaire for a complete quote.

Sonic Industrial Air Rinsing System

Ionized Air Washing Outside of Cans, Bottles Jars and Pouches

Air washing refers to dust and powders blown off from the outside of containers after filling and capping. This is generally less critical than internal air washing, but the elimination of water washing and air knife drying is still a major process improvement. However, the volume of dry product being removed is often substantially more than from inside containers, with, the challenges of static neutralizing just as important and the containment and collection of airborne dust and powders a bigger challenge than with internal air rinsing. Sonic Air Systems has mastered these air washing systems with the same modular air knife tunnels having static neutralizing ionized blow-off, complete dust containment and exhaust air blowers with bag filter collection. Just fill out the Sonic Air Rinsing/Air Washing Application Questionnaire for a complete quote.

Water Conservation is No Longer An Option

Potable water is to the 21st century what oil was to the 20th century, except that water is indispensable.

With the realization that water conservation is something every industry needs to be doing, air rinsing for the inside of cans, bottles and jars has exploded. Additionally, air washing the outside of containers after filling is yet another opportunity to eliminate water washing. Sonic is now helping educate buyers on the features and benefits of a proper air rinse or air wash solution for their needs.

Sonic Industrial Air Wash System





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