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Sonic is changing the way debris removal & static control is being handled. With ever increasing production speeds, greater part complexities and more stringent contamination controls, the low velocity fans and high velocity compressed air devices are no longer the favored air supply for these applications. Customers are demanding more effectiveness and lower operating costs. Sonic’s high velocity air knives coupled with properly sized air ionizing bars are answering the call.

Low velocity fan designs are not effective for an increasing number of today’s higher product speeds and complex part geometries that manufacturers must blow debris from while creating a static neutral part surface. With Sonic’s 10,000 to 40,000 FPM (203 m/sec) air knife velocities we can be as gentle or aggressive at debris removal as the application requires.

Two 6 foot long Sonic XE Air Knives with ionizing bars  performing dust blow-off and static neutralizing of plastic auto parts

Sonic XE Air Knife with ionizing bar Compressed air powered knives can require up to 4 times more horsepower than a Sonic blower/air knife system. Sonic will size the blower/air knife system and ionizer to maximize efficiency. The R.O.I. on a 10 hp(7.5kW) Sonic system is usually less than 1 year for a typical static control application and less than 6 months for complex parts or with large debris where more compressed air would be required.

HEPA filters from Sonic ensure that we clean the surface of the part with air that won’t compromise the customer’s cleanliness specification. Most fan driven air knives and ionizing bars that have HEPA filters are on the inlet of the fan. The result is that a rotating piece of machinery (the fan) is located after the HEPA and will compromise the entire clean air circuit at some point in time. Sonic is the only company to manufacture a production model, in-line, high volume HEPA filter system mounted in the piping between the blower and the air knife/ionizing bar. Compressed air systems do have in-line HEPA filters, but the small size and high pressure drops make them maintenance intensive and increase the running cost of the compressed air that much further.

Please complete an online application guide so we can evaluate your blow-off / static control requirements or contact us so our engineers can discuss your requirements.



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