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Air knife systems for drying/blowing off.

Hot air knife systems for coating drying.

Sonic Air Knife systems for cooling.

Use our online application to determine your air knife system needs.

Sonic Air Systems is proud to be the worldwide leader in air knife technology, delivering our customers the most advanced product line on the market, offering our clients everything from hot air knife technology to our ultra-sophisticated rotating air knife products. Our air knives come in a diverse array of models, with each type engineered to meet a specific set of needs. Whether you are buying air knives for a plant using highly sensitive chemical manufacturing processes or a packaged food factory, we have the air knife technology to meet your needs.

Among our most popular air knife products is the Sonic XE air knife, which was the first extruded “tear drop” shaped air knife in the industry, allowing for aerodynamic efficiency and multiple inlet configurations to fit into any space. These air knives are so popular due to their amazing versatility—as useful in soda bottling plant as they are in semiconductor manufacturing facilities.

Advanced Air Knife Technology
Due to tremendous advances in technology and manufacturing processes, there has been increased demand for more versatile and capable air knife products. This is why we are proud to offer our patent pending line of rotating air knife products, for their amazing levels of performance exceeds the demands of virtually every client who has ever purchased one. The rotary air knife is capable of completing just about any task asked of it; with a rotating head and variable rotation speed settings it is perfect for stationary parts and can do the job of several conventional air knives.

This is just a small sampling of the air knife products we offer, for we have a number of other products that can meet a wide array of other needs. So, contact us today and we can immediately get you blowing in the right direction.

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