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Sonic Air Systems invented the 95% efficient single piece teardrop shaped XE Air Knife connected to a Sonic blower requiring 75% less horsepower versus compressed air driven air knives.

Sonic Air Knife Systems, powered by Sonic Centrifugal Blowers ,are designed to deliver high velocity, warm/dry air, with consistent and reliable blow-off power. As the first air knife system manufacturer to offer the Application Based Money-Back Performance Guarantee; Sonic Air Systems provides our customers with increased production output, the elimination of quality problems associated with other drying/blow-off methods and a reduction of the financial burden associated with excessive energy usage. Since 1990 we have been Saving Energy psi at a time.™

Case Study Hightlight : Sonic XE Air Knives - Often Imitated But, Never Duplicated

Sonic Air Knife

In 1994, Sonic Air created the XE (eXtra Efficiency) Air Knife. Sonic XE Air Knife is the world's first single-piece extruded aluminum profile, with an aerodynamic "tear drop" shaped plenum, that tapers down to a precise air discharge slot. This innovative air delivery design has been the standard of the air blower driven air knife industry ever since. Unlike the old round pipe with slots or holes drilled having an average coefficient of discharge of 0.6 (60% efficient), the Sonic XE air knife is at 0.95 (95% air efficiency). The result is lower total blower power, laminar air flow across the entire slot length, and a much higher impact air velocity to the surface that the air is directed.

In order to accomodate the growing complexities and production needs of every manufacturing sector, the Sonic XE air knife product group has expanded to over 100 design variations and materials of construction. Another Sonic one-of-a-kind air delivery innovation is our patented Rotary Air Knife. Sonic's patented Rotary Air Knife utilizes the 95% air efficiency of the XE air knife design, and is able to routinely lower Sonic centrifugal blower power usage by 50% versus multiple stationary XE air knives required to do the same job.

Then we have many Sonic OEM's who exclusively specify our XE Air Knife designs because the XE's have proven to produce significantly higher blow off performance within their OEM systems versus any other air knife they have purchased or made themselves. In these instances, the XE allows the OEM to continue using their legacy fans or blowers for cost or standardization preferences. Whenever there are more difficult drying or blow off applications, Sonic routinely designs and supplies these same OEM's with a complete Sonic blower/air knife package guaranteed to produce the higher air knife performance that their legacy systems simply can't match.

Today, Sonic air knife systems is used in a wide range of manufacturing processes, for virtually every industry and for many of the world's best-known brands. We help companies improve their manufacturing processes while reducing energy demands to generate a sizable return on investment.

Case Study: Discover Why the Sonic Air Knife Is the Top Choice for OEM Machine Builders Worldwide. 

Case Study: Explore the Efficiency of Our Air Knives in Avocado Drying and Labeling 

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What is an Air Knife?

 The Sonic XE Air Knife was developed in 1995 as the first extruded aluminum single piece "tear drop" shaped air knife in the industry. Today the XE modular design with both fixed and adjustable precision exit slots plus Medusa Flex Nozzles and other features are recognized as the preferred design for all industrial applications.

Initially, blower driven air knives were round tubes with holes or slots just as it had been with compressed air. The poor efficiency of the round tubes was soon replaced when Sonic created the single piece extruded aluminum XE (eXtra Efficiency) air knife with a tear drop shape having a 0.95 coefficient of discharge (95% air efficiency). It is Sonic's air amplification of 4-5x the air volume of a compressed air knife which allows a 1 to 4 PSIG Sonic Air Knife to match the blow-off force of a 100 psi compressed air knife, assuming the current compressed air blow off force is effective, along with Sonic using 75% less electric motor amperage for the majority of effective compressed air knife or nozzles that we replace. When compressed air blow off isn't effective, Sonic provides our performance guarantee with the majority of Sonic blower and air knife systems that we engineer for our customers.

Sonic's XE air knife and multi-nozzle designs are the standard by which all other air knife manufacturers are judged. Sonic XE's are available in six profile sizes from 1½ " to 10" tall, lengths from 2" to 144" in assorted materials and features dozens of add-on options to suit a vast array of applications and developed to suit nearly every industry. Sonic Air Systems provides the air engineering to ensure that Sonic's 3Hp to 50Hp blower and air knife systems are both effective for the intended application and operate at the lowest total system energy demand. Sonic designs are often imitated but, Sonic's customer satisfaction is rarely duplicated.

Sonic XE Air Knife

The Sonic XE Air Knife was the first extruded “tear drop” shaped air knife in the industry. Developed by Sonic in 1995, its modular design and infinitely adjustable gap have emerged as the standard design for industrial applications. It is available in hard anodized aluminum as well as stainless steel. Multiple inlet options accommodate most space constraints.

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Sonic XE Air Knife

Sonic Rotary Air Knife

The Sonic Rotary Air Knife (PATENTED) was developed by Sonic for the blow-off and drying of complex parts. The air knife slot is at an angle of 15 degrees to the axis of rotation, thereby delivering high velocity air at a constantly changing direction with respect to the part being dried. This means that the leading edge, trailing edge and sides of a part can be effectively dried, usually with a single Air Knife performing multiple passes over a part. This saves both energy and space as the Sonic Rotary Air Knife does the job of multiple fixed Air Knives. Stationary or indexed parts or batches can also be dried effectively – usually impractical for conventional stationary air knives.

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Air Knife Rotary

Sonic Sanitary Air Knife

The Sonic Sanitary Air Knife is designed for direct blow-off-air to food contact, and meets 3A Standards for clean-ability. Designed with Tri-Clamp fittings, it can be quickly disassembled for periodic cleaning and sanitization.

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Sanitary Air knives - assembled

Sonic XE Air Knife with Ionizing Bar

The Sonic XE Air Knife with Ionizing Bar removes dust and debris while simultaneously introducing a positive stream of ions to create a static neutral part surface. The ionizing bar is attached to the Sonic XE Air Knife. The Sonic Inline HEPA Filter is utilized for critical clean room environments.

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Air Knife with Ionizing Bar

Sonic Air Knives are used in a variety of industries such as:

Bottle Dryer Steel Drying Wheel Drying Parts Plating Dryer
Air Knife Drying
for Food and Beverage Industry
Air Knife Drying
for Steel Industry
Air Knife for Wheel Drying for
Automotive Industry
Air Knife with Centrifugal Blower
for Parts Drying
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