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Sonic Air Systems is the inventor of the single piece tear drop shaped air knife with 95% air efficiency. Reduce Energy Use by 75% Versus Compressed Air Systems

Sonic Air Knife Systems, powered by Sonic Centrifugal Blowers , will deliver high velocity, warm, dry air with no pressure fluctuations for reliable consistent results. If your objectives are to increase throughput, eliminate quality problems associated with other methods of drying/blow-off, or significantly reduce energy costs, Sonic will engineer a cost effective system for you with guaranteed results.
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What is an Air Knife?

The term air knife is derived from a device called a doctor blade, a mechanical scraper used to control ink thickness in rotary printing presses beginning in the year 1900, and in most of today′s desk top printers. The doctor blade concept was later implemented in a few other industries to control the thickness of viscose solutions (oil, paint, water, etc) in the manufacturing of steel, textiles and paper but, it soon became obvious that mechanical scrapers for coating control in these other applications was not effective enough and required far too much maintenance, except in printing presses.

The ″air″ doctor blade was born in the 1940′s, which later became known as just ″air knife″, as the first non-contact method for coating control or complete solution removal when needed. High pressure compressed air was pumped into metal tubes having holes or slots thereby producing a thin curtain of high velocity air to uniformly remove excess coating from the base material as it passed by without any physical contact. Until the 1980′s, because air knives were only used in a few specialized textile and steel mill applications, the majority of all other industries had little knowledge of or any use for an air knife. The 1987 Montreal Protocol resulted in the worldwide elimination of hydrofluorocarbons in most industries so, the blower driven air knife was born.

Initially, blower driven air knives were round tubes with holes or slots just as it had been with compressed air. The poor efficiency of the round tubes was soon replaced when Sonic created the single piece extruded aluminum XE (eXtra Efficiency) air knife with a tear drop shape having a 0.95 coefficient of discharge (95% air efficiency). Today Sonic air knives are the standard for all air knife manufacturers and are available in six profile sizes from 1 - ½ to 10 ″ tall, lengths from 2 ″ to 144″ in assorted materials and with dozens of features and add-ons to suit different industries. Sonic Air Systems provides the air engineering to ensure that Sonic blowers and Sonic XE air knife combinations are both effective and with the highest energy efficiency.

By combining Sonic′s XE air knife technology with compact Sonic centrifugal blowers (3Hp to 50Hp), plus our comprehensive air engineering, Sonic provides our customers with air knife solutions. Sonic is often copied but, our success is rarely imitated.

Bottle Dryer Steel Drying Wheel Drying Parts Plating Dryer
Air Knife Drying
for Food and Beverage Industry
Air Knife Drying
for Steel Industry
Air Knife for Wheel Drying for
Automotive Industry
Air Knife with Centrifugal Blower
for Parts Drying

Sonic XE Air Knife

The Sonic XE Air Knife was the first extruded “tear drop” shaped air knife in the industry. Developed by Sonic in 1995, its modular design and infinitely adjustable gap have emerged as the standard design for industrial applications. It is available in hard anodized aluminum as well as stainless steel. Multiple inlet options accommodate most space constraints.

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Sonic XE Air Knife

Air Knife - Rotary

Sonic Rotary Air Knife

The Sonic Rotary Air Knife (PATENTED) was developed by Sonic for the blow-off and drying of complex parts. The air knife slot is at an angle of 15 degrees to the axis of rotation, thereby delivering high velocity air at a constantly changing direction with respect to the part being dried. This means that the leading edge, trailing edge and sides of a part can be effectively dried, usually with a single Air Knife performing multiple passes over a part. This saves both energy and space as the Sonic Rotary Air Knife does the job of multiple fixed Air Knives. Stationary or indexed parts or batches can also be dried effectively – usually impractical for conventional stationary air knives.

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Sonic Sanitary Air Knife

The Sonic Sanitary Air Knife is designed for direct blow-off-air to food contact, and meets 3A Standards for clean-ability. Designed with Tri-Clamp fittings, it can be quickly disassembled for periodic cleaning and sanitization.

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Sanitary Airknives - assembled Sanitary Airknives - disassembled

Air Knife with Ionizing Bar

Sonic XE Air Knife with Ionizing Bar

The Sonic XE Air Knife with Ionizing Bar removes dust and debris while simultaneously introducing a positive stream of ions to create a static neutral part surface. The ionizing bar is attached to the Sonic XE Air Knife. The Sonic Inline HEPA Filter is utilized for critical clean room environments.

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