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The last two decades have seen the virtual elimination of solvent based chemicals for industrial cleaning. Consequently the drying process is much more difficult with the prevalence of water-based cleaning. This has created a booming demand for industrial blowers and industrial air exhausters. Sonic Air Systems is proud to be the global leader in bringing customized air blowers and industrial air exhausters to both the biggest and smallest names in industry. We work diligently with every customer to assess need, turning finished industrial blowers around in just 5 days, ensuring that the plants of the world run smoothly and efficiently.

We offer a long line of air blowers, all of which are fully customizable. Our top shelf team of customer service professionals has years of experience helping us supply customers with air blowers, giving them the expertise to understand each new clients respective needs; as well as the know-how to meet those requirements. Our design and engineering team is equally knowledgeable, having built tens of thousands of units for thousands of clients over the years, giving them the experience and expertise to fill every order to the highest degree of customer satisfaction. Many of these fine folks have been with us since the beginning, giving them 25 plus years in the industrial blowers industry, and it shows with every single unit they produce.

Industrial Air Blowers That Surpass The Competition
Sonic Air Systems guarantees that the air blowers we provide will meet or exceed the designed level of performance. In the event the system does not achieve the designed performance, we will provide additional resources and equipment at no cost or refund 100% of the original purchase price.

At Sonic Air Systems we are proud to have a long track record of success, supplying thousands of customers with customized industrial blowers. Our hard working team of customer service, engineering, and support professionals is always standing at the ready to help ever more clients, so contact us today and we can immediately get you blowing in the right direction.

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