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Sonic provides air knife drying systems for:

Engine Blocks
Clutch Plates
Painted Components
Chassis Items
Transmission Housings
Engine Assemblies
Car Bodies
Engine Components
Interior Components
Sonic has designed Engineered Blower & Air Knife Solutions for use in nearly every phase of the automotive manufacturing industry. With ever increasing quality, production speed, automation and focus on environmental stewardship, the need for energy efficient removal of water based liquids used in machining, cleaning, cooling, plating and painting processes has never been greater. Sonic blowers and exhausters also provide high velocity air for static control as well as pressurized air cooling, vacuum for exhaust emissions sampling systems and high volume flow bench testing of engine components
Engineered Blower & Air Knife Solutions for drying/blow-off, debris blow-off/static control, coating control
and air & gas handling.



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