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 Medical Devices
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Sonic Air provides air knife systems for:

3-piece cans
Meat / Fish / Poultry
Cheese loafs
Food Molds
Dairy Products
CIP for Belts
Trays / Totes / Crates
Confectionary leveling
Shrink Wrapped Products
Product Cooling

With food processors and packagers demanding that their production lines run faster, occupy less space, be cleaner, have more flexibility and operate more efficiently than ever before, Sonic's Engineered Blower and Air Knife Solutions, with our guaranteed performance, take a huge burden off the customers shoulders. On any conveyor line where surface water/moisture needs to be completely removed, coatings require precise thickness control, solids or debris must be displaced or static eliminated, Sonic has set the standards for all. Sanitary air knives and HEPA filters are also routine options to handle the most stringent requirements.

Engineered Blower & Air Knife Solutions for drying/blow-off, debris blow-off/static control, coating control
and air & gas handling.



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