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Since our founding in 1990, Sonic Air Systems has supplied tens of thousands of Sonic Blowers to our worldwide customers in nearly every manufacturing sector. Our 99.8% blower reliability rating is made possible by the highest product quality, backed by superior customer service and with Sonic's network of factory trained sales partners in over 40 countries to ensure every customer's satisfaction. As an ISO 9001 certified manufacture Sonic sets the standards for compact, high speed centrifugal blowers in all of the industries we serve.

With so many different models to choose from, how do you know which centrifugal Blowers is the correct unit for your application? At Sonic Air Systems we are an engineered blower manufacturer with over 30 years of experience designing blow-off and drying systems. We specialize in providing our customers with energy efficient solutions using our high speed centrifugal blowers paired with Sonic air knives, nozzles and various other air delivery products.

The performance of our high speed centrifugal blowers is paramount to the overall success of our drying and blow-off systems. Sonic centrifugal blowers are capable of operating at speeds above 20,000 rpm which provide our customers with the precision air flow necessary to reduce energy costs, increase production and decrease the number of product rejections.

The first thing most of our customers notice when calling Sonic Air Systems customer service line (800-82-SONIC) is that we approach each application as its own unique drying or blow-off opportunity. During the initial application review our team will analyze the details of the project and begin to work with our sizing engineers to select the appropriate Sonic blower solution. The entire process from inquiry to quotation is completed in less than 48 hours for the majority of customers. When your requirements prove to be more challenging, that is where Sonic's three decades of application engineering and product development separate us from all of the rest!

Sonic Air Systems stocks all of our most popular blower sizes as well as air knives and accessories. With a 24 hour phone support line, worldwide technical support staff and an industry leading 99% on time shipping history you can trust that Sonic Air Systems is as much a partner as we are a premier blower manufacturer.

Sonic Air Blowers Guaranteed To Surpass The Performance of The Competition

Our policy is that Sonic Air Systems guarantees that the Sonic blowers we provide will meet or exceed the designed level of performance. In the unlikely event that our blower or air knife system does not achieve Sonic's quoted design performance, we will provide additional and or replacement equipment at no cost or refund 100% of the original purchase price upon return. Sonic has only had to refund customers less than five times in 30 years.

So, if you are in need of Sonic blowers that you know will work, while at the same time delivering incredible performance, then you have come to the right place, for we are the exclusive manufacturer of Sonic blowers. Contact us today and see how we are solving problems while Saving Energy PSI at a time.

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Sonic Single Stage Air Blowers -Belt Driven

Sonic 70
Centrifugal Air Blower
Sonic 70 Centrifugal Air Blower
Sonic 85
Centrifugal Air Blower
Sonic 85 Centrifugal Air Blower
Sonic 100
Centrifugal Air Blower
Sonic 100 Centrifugal Air Blower
Sonic 150
Centrifugal Air Blower
Sonic 150 Centrifugal Air Blower

Dual Parallel Air Blowers - Belt Driven

Sonic 200
Centrifugal Air Blower
Sonic 200 Centrifugal Air Blower
Sonic 300
Centrifugal Air Blower
Sonic 300 Centrifugal Blower

Two Stage Air Blower - Belt Driven

Sonic 350
Centrifugal Air Blower
Sonic 350 Centrifugal Air Blower

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