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Sonic Air Knife Systems are in use in nearly every industry and in over 40 countries worldwide. With our range of Sonic industrial blowers from 5hp to 50hp (3.7kW to 37.5kW) and a full range of system components Sonic air knives and Sonic knife systems are utilized for air knife drying , air knife blow off, air knife cooling, air knife heating, air knife coating control and air knife coating drying.

Sonic Air is your engineering resource and one-stop-shop for all of your drying solutions. We engineer each air knife system to meet your specific objectives. You can complete an online application evaluation guide or contact us to discuss your requirements and drying/blow off needs. Our vast application engineering knowledge base enables Sonic Air to deliver the most energy efficient air knife systems possible - often where nothing has been successful before. Sonic Air also provides a performance guarantee with any system it quotes. Let Sonic Air Systems increase your production rate, improve your product quality and/or deliver the shortest ROI period with our 75% energy savings versus compressed air blow off methods.

Sonic air knife drying system for beverage cans
1. Huge energy savings over compressed air blow-off methods       (Energy savings comparison chart)
2. Dedicated blower air, clean, dry and oil free
3. Natural heat of compression assists in the drying process
4. Sonic Patented HOT AIR VT variable temperature heater-less technology
5. Sonic pioneered the 95% efficient XE Air Knife design
6. Sonic patented Rotary Air Knife and Rotary Air Nozzle technology
7. Optional HEPA filter integration
8. Accommodates a wide variety of applications and production rates
9. Easily integrated with existing conveyor lines
10. Multiple material options
11. Compact design and footprint
12. Adaptable for re-circulated air for enhanced drying capacity



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