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  Sonic Air Knife: The OEM Preferred Choice

Sonic Air Knife

Sonic XE Air Knife , in hard anodized aluminum or 300 series SS, are available in dozens of design variations which helps make them the #1 choice for Sonic's OEM machine builders around the world.

Sonic is often asked which is more important for blow off and drying? Is it the wide ranging performance from Sonic's family of high velocity centrifugal Blowers or is it the vast array of Sonic's pioneering XE Air Knife designs with our 95% air efficiency? The truth is that pairing our blowers and air knives together, especially since Sonic offers to design and guarantees the effectiveness for each application, always produces the most effective and efficient results for the majority of Sonic's customers. Of course, there are always exceptions. Some of Sonic's loyal OEM customers buy Sonic Air blower/motor assemblies to enhance the performance of their own long term proprietary air knife or nozzle designs.

Then we have many Sonic OEM's who exclusively specify our XE Air Knife designs because the XE's have proven to produce significantly higher blow off performance within their OEM systems versus any other air knife they have purchased or made themselves. In these instances, the XE allows the OEM to continue using their legacy fans or blowers for cost or standardization preferences. Whenever there are more difficult drying or blow off applications, Sonic routinely designs and supplies these same OEM's with a complete Sonic blower/air knife package guaranteed to produce the higher air knife performance that their legacy systems simply can't match.

The superior quality, competitive costs and short lead times of the XE Air Knives have created high OEM demand. For high volume OEM customers, Sonic also offers our XE's with private labeling agreements upon request.

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