Case Study: Hot Air Knife System Contains Mercury Vapor

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 Sonic's Environmental Stewardship: Hot Air Knife System contains Mercury Vapor

Hundreds of millions of LCD display screens are manufactured yearly; used in mobile phones, TVs and computers. Disposing of the used LCD screens, along with other electronic devices, has become a real challenge since landfills no longer allow them due to the contaminating of groundwater and soil. The world's demand for the precious metals and minerals within today's discarded electronics has now made recycling of them financially viable.

After removal of any batteries, the mountains of various scrapped devices are conveyed into a fully enclosed shredder which then discharges the chopped up debris onto a conveyor belt for sorting the small pieces by material classification. As the enclosed shredding process releases concentrated amounts of mercury and other potentially toxic substances they are contained and then exhausted into a pollution control system to prevent being an airborne hazard.

Sonic Air Systems was tasked with delivering a 500 CFM air stream at 275℉ into the shredder enclosure to keep any mercury at the optimal temperature in order to ensure a maximum mercury capture rate upon entering the customer's multi-stage HEPA filtration pollution control system. Sonic was specifically chosen by the engineering contractor because our air engineering expertise. Our patented Heater-less Hot Air Blower & Air Knife System does not utilize any electric elements or gas fired heaters, both of which could cause temperature spikes far above the 275℉ exit air temperature required. Sonic has no component above 275℉ which makes our design intrinsically safe.

Sonic engineered our one-of-a kind Hot Air Knife System which has now proven to be ideally suited to safely and efficiently complete the needs of Electronic Recyclers International, the U.S.'s largest video, audio, electronics and IT asset destruction and recycling company.

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